Smoothest Landings - Ranking

Smoothest Landings

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How Does It Work?

When landing, it’ll have a VS (vertical speed) which determines how hard or how soft your touchdown is. The higher the number, the harder your landing was. Obviously, it takes time to master the art of a landing, but with practice, you can make your landings great every single time. Check out the IF YouTube channel, as well as the User Guide on if you need help or want to learn something new!

How Does This Thread Work?

Using apps such as IF Operations (free on the App Store), you can track the VS of all yours landings without a hassle. Using those numbers, we can see who had the best landing! Here, you can share your landings in a friendly competition. There’s also the -50 or greater club, which is brand new for this thread! Good luck!

Image Caption: An example flight report from IF Operations, a free app on the App Store that can be used to generate data and statistics for your flights.

Image Credit: @Luke_Sta


1st (Tie): @dca.iad.aviation @OT359 @Thunderbolt 0 FPM

2nd: @Hari -1 FPM

3rd (Tie): @Captain_Cign and @Suhas -2 FPM

4th: @Ivan0921 -3 FPM

5th (Tie): @Aniket_Joglekar -4 FPM

6th (Tie): @KennedyTurner, @Saharsh, and @Georgios_P -5 FPM

7th: (Tie) @Jack_Q, @Ryan_Gibb, and @AviationFreak -6 FPM

8th (Tie): @Flying_Pencil -8 FPM

9th (Tie): @Boeing757 -9 FPM


Nice new thread! I think it’s worth mentioning my -2 was with a 20kt crosswind… ;) lol


Pathetic. Where are all my -600fpm bois at?


I was considering a worst landing club. Sure, why not 😂


Alright, I see how it is 😂

Thanks for this though. Glad to see this thread but to be honest, I got tired of updating the other one. There’s no excuse for being lazy, but I guess it was just like that. It’ll be cool to see this one updated frequently!

It’s like that feeling when you’re in charge of something for a while and then someone else becomes in charge of it and now you can just relax.

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Not close to winning but better than -50 😎

It’s a wiki, you can edit it yourself 😂

I’ll edit it, just kidding…


I’d like to re-submit haha. Got this one a day or two ago very happy with it!

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Well done!

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I got -26 fpm on our IPP group flight, not the best but who cares because I beat @NoahM hehe

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Wow congrats :(

I guess you’re cooler than me 😒

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Oh wow competition is heating up - had to up my game and reclaim a place on the board…


So what do you think

Open for debate


Yeah… are you sure this is right, Matt? Pretty sure 0 fpm wouldn’t be possible…


It wouldn’t be possible as 0FPM means that there would be no change in the alt, making a landing impossible.


Ehh, that was established a long time ago :)

He was in a C172 too lmao

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🤷‍♂️ I don’t even know 😂

Don’t mind that it says EGLL-KVNY, it was a glitch.

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Ah yes I too love to cruise at 42,000 feet in my Cessna 172. 😂