Smoothest Landing You've Experienced In Real Life

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Here’s Mine!
Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER YVR-YYZ
Before touchdown I could see it was not the best conditions; It had just rained, low cloud altitude (The flaps were at full before we burst through the clouds). And the landing was just amazing considering the conditions! (Lots of the Air Canada landings or great)!

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I flew GF 4 time last month, they where bad
In Bah-Amm Flight the pilot Descented from 28000 to 6000 Ft in 5min

Mine was in a Southwest 737 landing at PHX.

flyNiki Airbus A321 PMI - SZG two years ago. I didn’t even notice the touchdown incredibly smooth landing.

Ive had many!

I can remember flying LAX-DEN on a United 757 back in maybe 2010(?), and the pilot was a veteran UA captain. The wheels skimmed the ground so smoothly it felt like the air had transformed into the ground.

Beyond that, the bigger planes tend to have better ones. I’ve flown DEN-LHR and back on British Airways 777-200ERs multiple times and never had a bad landing.

SFO-AKL (747-400), SYD-AKL (77-200ER), and AKL-LAX (777-300ER) on Air New Zealand all had super smooth landings too.

I’m a bit surprised by that. Every time I have flown Southwest I have more rough landings. I can think of a few where we bounced…

But all the times I have flown United 737s, especially the 900ERs the landings have been that way, maybe it’s a 737 thing…

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I second that. All my landings there (both FlyBe 175s) have been butter-smooth. Unlike INN…

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Smoothest is probably every JetBlue flight I’ve ever been on.

A Southwest 737 landing at KMCO(in stormy weather) This pilot has most likely been flying for many, many years.

Every single Qantas flight except for the mentioned one In worst landings.

Another one of mine were almost all the Air Canada flights!

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Qatar Airways 777-300er Landing at OTHH ( Doha Hammad international ).

Smoothest landing of my life and was at night.

BA 777-300ER! It was an amazing touchdown!

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Landing at Knock is always pretty smooth for me.

This one was very surprising. Silkair in Trivandrum, India.

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