Smoother footage when recording.

Hey guys!

Now, I have really specific question here which I think its not that easy to get a response.

I am doing actively loads of movies in Infinite Flight and with the time I noticed there are some things that should get optimized. One thing is the smoothness of the footage.
I use an emulator on a PC to reduce the pixelation to maximum and get higher graphics with stable frame rate.
But still, there are sometimes lags which could be quite noticeable.
For example the videos what the official channel of Infinite Flight produces are so silky smooth. How do they achieve that?

Thanks in advance for Your ideas and help!

Regards, RednoseHeavy

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They are most likely using a iPad Pro 3rd Gen with 1TB Of storage or a very powerful computer.

Hm, yes I already considered that, could it have something to do with its 90Hz refresh rate?

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That’s the screen it doesn’t mean that the footage will be 90 but it could be 60FPS also they probably have limit frame rate off.

If you want smoother footage make sure limit frame rate is off.

Sure, It is

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Just remember that you have IF on and the screen recorder on in the background which is coding and compiling your footage in the background and takes up ram and cpu as well.

And im not meaning the gameplay at all. There are only some minor freezes which occur randomly but get really nasty if you want to get a seamless footage

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You could when it happens save the video then go back 15 seconds and continue the recording.

Keep in mind that emulator performance wildly varies. Chances are the emulator may be the culprit.

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