Smooth Weather Transitions

In Infinite Flight, weather doesn’t come on so smoothly. You go straight from 0 knot winds to 15 knot winds in less than a second. I call this “Weather Squares”.

I like to think of the weather in IF as a bunch of large squares. Each square has its own weather information, and flying from one square to the other instantly changes the weather conditions for you.

Honestly, I don’t really like this sudden change of weather. So I have a question; Will smoother weather transitions be available when global comes out? I’d definitely like to see it get implemented.

Or maybe the better question is, is it possible for “Weather Squares” to be fixed?


Yes, the weather changes rapidly. This is because it is based on METAR. Each airspace has its own weather. As soon as you enter a new airspace, the weather will change. I doubt anything will change unless they change what the weather is based off of.


Aren’t the devs going to work on that along with Global?

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Where’d you get that from?

I might be wrong, and don’t take my word for it, but wasn’t it on the “New Dawn Continued post”?

Well, that will make realistic the scenery of Global Flight…

How about just smoother weather? When I flew I don’t remember either light turbulence being as bad as it is or wind gusts coming on nearly continously like they do in the game.

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When Global is released. You need internet connection to fly. Because the capacity of the game is then to big.

Totaly agree with you, sometimes the weather changes really fast. Example when I was in Hawai region I was approaching PHNL and the winds changed from 0 to 15 knots. Anyway, would be nice to have along Global Flight.

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MaxSez: I can live in a cloudless environment and the other environmental factors that effect my cross countries on IF but I can’t live without "“ATIS” at my terminal destination. The “ATIS” Bcast which provide Wx (Vis/winds) reduces arrival workload. See the archived Topic “Where’s ATIS”…

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