Smooth touchdown on A320 family after Spoiler deployment

As it currently stands, landing any A320 family aircraft results in the nose gear slamming down on the runway after the spoilers deploy despite any counter-actions. This issue, described in the support topic linked below, was not recognised by FDS as an issue.

Therefore, this feature topic is to request a smoother touchdown of the nose landing gear after the spoilers have deployed on any of the four A320 family aircraft.

What is the point of this topic? There has been many discussions about this, so making another one won’t make a difference. The nose slamming down will be fixed with global

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The point is to request the feature, apologies for not stating that, I thought it would be obvious enough…

Please could you link the official announcement of this, because what on earth has flying globally got to do with smooth landings?


It’s a known bug within the game. There is no point making a feature request.

Please re-read this topic. As stated above, FDS are not recognising this as a bug due to the support topic being marked as “solved” due to the physics of RL spoilers. There is much point in creating a feature topic.


Can’t even be bothered anymore…

You just need to Training you to make smoother landings =D

C’mon guys! Don’t say it isn’t a bug but the fault of the pilot, if you like to join the discussion about if it is realistic, go to the topic listed above. I think we could all agree that IRL the nose of the a320 doesn’t slam the ground, even though the spoilers are fully deployed.

Like in this video (landing at 0:35).



This 10-vote limit for features drives me crazy 😡

So many great features I can’t vote for

This is definitely one. Really needed. I hate the A320 gear almost slamming into the ground after touchdown


There is nothing as frustrating as landing an A319 very smoothly(-60fpm) only for the nose gear to slam on the asphalt

I support the idea


What I do is I keep my spoilers off, so when I land I deployed them manually as soon as the nose wheel is almost on the ground. With spoilers off the nose stays up so you can lower it gently. I rather do this than slaming on the ground.

I feel this forum is going downhill… It was better before all those changes. That’s my opinion. We can’t vote for everything we want… your old topics are closed favor to news who got more likes and seen as better person for ideas… i am sorry but i really feel that.


As the developers said, there is a certain amount of votes, so they know what we really want. Not have unlimited votes so every new feature request that is made is voted for.


that feature wont be realistic. So many users who existed since more than 1 year have voted by liking topics and now… all was reset to 0… its very frustating when i see all the old guys here who are very fan of IF and knows IF better and longer than all the news users here… Respect old times players please. (2012… 2013)


Listen. I myself have been an old time player. But you have to think, this is for the better. Like a fresh start to requests. That’s just my opinion, you’re entitled to your own.

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Voted gives more direct feedback, and prevents people for voting for everything. People have to choose wisely. And giving old users priority would not be fair to the others.

I noticed this when I was doing patterns with the A319. I always would counteract the “slam” by pulling back really hard, when I did that in the A319 I bounced and tailstriked the poor thing😂


I was saying
Have new users is fine but dont forget old ones

I wrote that originally topic, and trust me, no amount of backstick or trim prevents the nose from slamming down with the armed spoilers being deployed. It is a bug, and I wish FDS would recognize it.

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this issue was talked about in the Atlanta modcon podcast. The mods and Laura had just flown in an a320 sim and said that irl, the nose comes down slowly. I usually deploy spoilers manually after touchdown to prevent the nose from slamming. This would definitely be great if the spoilers were fixed in IF.