Smooth rotations

Always when I takeoff, I never get a smooth rotation even when I tilt my device smoothly and carefully. Can someone help explain to me what I might be doing wrong.

What do you mean by smooth rotation, Dose your aircraft jerk up quite fast or does it swerve to the side?

sometimes both but mostly jerks up quite fast.

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Here are 3 things that work for me:

  1. Calibrate your device before takeoff, forgetting to do this has led to messy takeoffs and tail strikes so much for me.

  2. Use a website like simbrief for rotation speeds, these are the best speeds to lift off at they don’t leave you shooting into the air or having a tail strike. IF the speed is not available on the website you can use Aircraft profile guides like these ones

  1. Use a bit of rudder during rotation to stop your aircraft from swerving to either side.

I hoped I helped 😀


I always do the first 2. (For the second one I use IF Assistant) But the third one might help. thanks.

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Note that this is only necessary if there is wind. If the wind is calm, there’s no need to use your rudder (unless you didn’t line up on the runway properly and aren’t on the centerline)

Infinite flight has a tutorial on their YouTube explaining how to perform crosswind take offs if that is what @Kacper_Chocianowski is struggling with as well

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The other day I was flying the XCub and there was 1kt wind…

I didn’t touch my rudder and tried to lift of and swerved off the runway and flipped upside down 🤣

Just another day in the XCub


I watched it before but im still having problems. Guess i’ll just have to practise lol.

In addition to what all the other users have said: practice makes perfect 😆☺️

  1. Calibrate device in your desired neutral holding position
  2. Do not rotate early - know roughly the flying speed at take-off to aim for rotation
  3. Use steady careful movement at the rotation IAS to “feel around” for when the aircraft is ready to fly
  4. Practice the above steps in solo mode using the take off function, over and over until you get used to “fishing for the positive, smooth response feel”

Try to use trim so u don’t have to pull up as much.

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