Smooth landings

Share your tips and tricks on how to do a smooth landing.


Keep the right speed to stay on the glideslope while maintaining level flight. As you cross the runway threshold, cut power to zero and flare. Do not apply brakes or reverse thrust until your nose wheel comes down smoothly. That’s all there is to it!


Can we post pictures?

Yes,go ahead

YAY! Thanks!

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Just like that and you will struck the landing gear trust me but i will try it.

I thought I was supposed to post a smooth landing. Sorry! :)

Its ok,anyways how are you suppose to show me a landing with out a video ?

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after the threshold if i cut the power and flare straight after it i will loose speed and will end up in a hard landing.

Works for me.

Made a quick vid here. It wasn’t perfect but you get the point:


Well not the best landing but it was good,May i ask how did you record ?

In the app. I think it is still an Android-only feature.

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Ok,thank you.

I slowly flare at 30 ft then at 10 feet i cut the throttle and flare at about 5ft to a vs under -100fpm

Keep the circle that is on your screen (if in cockpit view) on the runway. When you are at 100 feet, slowly lower power. At 50, cut it and flare slightly. Should work.

@Justin_Gonzalez makes pretty ok smooth landings. Jk he really good

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@natzoo Ok…thats not a tip on how to make a smooth landing.

@AR_AR summed it up pretty well. If you’re trying to get a good technique for an aircraft you’re not so comfortable with, go in solo and put vertical speed in the instrument bar at the bottom and watch your replays. As you keep watching you may change how much you flare, when you flare etc. Eventually you’ll find the perfect technique with a vs around -100 to -175.

Flaring at the correct altitude will help you get smooth landings. Flare the A320 family at 20ft, the 737 family at 30ft, 757 and 767 at 50ft, the A380-B747 at 40ft, and the 777 at 30ft.


I thought you wanted tips on how to make a smooth landing? I was just telling you, that Justin is really good i cant answer for him.