Smooth landings with 65 knot crosswinds

Is it my skills , is it possible or infinite flight airplanes doesn’t react as in real life scenarios ?
Opinions are welcomed !


I dont believe any aircraft can safely land with a crosswind of 65 knots.


the aircraft I was flying A380

I mean 65 knots is really heavy winds and would be really dangerous


65 knots in any situation is dangerous, usually 45 knots is the limit

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If on multiplayer, real life weather will be displayed in multiplayer.
Solo, you have to set your own weather.

Sometimes during Hurricanes in USA, Laura occasionally posts her version of Infinite Flight attempting to fly through 70knt storms.

My recommendation, don’t attempt it on Expert :)

Also, it depends on the aircrafts limit. My aircraft has a limit of 15knt wind speed, so anything over and I call it a day.

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It also depends on how crosswind we are blowing angle wise. Allot of things can be done, but there too dangerous to attempt with passengers. So take what you can do in infinite flight with a grain of salt, but I’m not entirely sure how possible that is…

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