Smooth landing issue

I am close to being a grade 4, but I always embarrass myself when I land! I am not as bad as Ryanair, but not as good as emirates. Could you please give me some advice on how to land smoothly? Thanks 😊

Make sure you are confident in your approach! You can always go around!

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Practice plays a key role in getting good at anything


Is there a recommended speed?

It depends on the aircraft and its weight.

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Keep your speed steady and flare at the correct altitude. 20-30 feet works well for most narrow bodies, 25-35 works well for most wide bodies. Try and keep your approach as stable and steady as you can, try and react quickly when you start to drift off the centreline or the glideslope instead of look at them 2 minutes later and discover you’re 1000 feet too low. And the most important thing is to practice, practice and practice.

That really depends on the aircraft and weight. I think it’s the MD-11 and DC-10 have the fastest approach speed, typically around 150-170 knots. Try and find the speed where you can have the nose pitched slightly up, but have the FPV on the touchdown marker. Practice first with the HUD so you can have the FPV then move onto live instruments

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Ok, thanks everyone

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