Smooth landing at PHNL

1) Background to the photos

Landing after a flight from CYVR

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route

Finished 2 mins ago
Solo Practice and Killing Passengers of G Force

3) Photos


This is the best screenshot topic I’ve ever seen…

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@anon41771314… MaxSez: So what the big deal making this video a Public Forum Replay and click bait. Bored in Mom’s cellar or what?
Ok, I gave you a minute of fame for the effort and have banned you from my Forum Topic incoming forthwith Mr. 1%'er…


This is an awesome landing!

but realism tho…

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So what’s a smooth landing? Low V/S and moderate speed or low speed with a slight pitch up?

Perfect landing 👌🏻

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I will say it’s a good landing not smooth it was a little hard once the wheel touched

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