Smooth Flight to MIA on the Jetblue 190

Hello everybody and welcome back! Today we will be taking the Jetblue 190 Aircraft to Miami from the beautiful coastal city of Cancun. Hope you guys enjoy the trip report!

Flight Info
Aircraft Flight time Cruising Altitude Server
Jetblue 190 1h 20min FL320 Expert

I just arrived at Gate 34 and to my surprise, the plane was actually here! Anyway, the flight is delayed 26 minutes so I’m gonna get some food from Wolfgang Puck’s Kitchen (It’s so good).

After some time I got on the plane a snagged a picture of the cockpit, beautiful as always with all of those instruments

I finally reached my seat, 9A and you know what time it is! Insert B-Roll here. The seat is just what you would expect for this aircraft. Comfort is ok but the seat has all of the necessities and I’m not one to complain.

However, the wing view here is amazing and just look at that beautiful Southwest B738

After a while, we finally took off. Bye-bye, Cancun!

The plane just leveled off at around 32,000ft and the flight attendants are coming around for snacks, On this flight I won’t be getting any since I have food from Wolfgang Puck’s Kitchen (I seriously cannot tell you how good it is).

Around 40 minutes later we begin our descent into Miami with those stunning Caribbean views

Touchdown! It was a smooth landing, but not a butter. Great job by the pilots especially since there was a crosswind.

Miami Airport is one of my favorites, the design is just incredible.

We just reached gate D50 and I have to say this was a smooth flight that I needed. No bumps or big delays. Thank you to Jetblue for this relaxing experience.

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Thank you so much for reading my trip report I hope you enjoyed it!


can confirm, I am the kitchen

Very nice shots!! Cancun and Miami both look great in 3D!

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I spy with my little eye me and @VVESM4N


We’re still en route to BWI as we speak

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Can confirm, I am puck