Smooth Autopilot Transitions

I’ve realized that in Infinite Flight, the Autopilot can be very sensitive. I’ve flown a few simulators (including motion simulators), and when you change the Autopilot, it gradually transitions to what you asked for.

In Infinite Flight, if you’re at 2,000 feet and you set that Autopilot to 1,000 feet and 2,000 V/S, you’d take a dive automatically, when that doesn’t happen in real life. I am just asking for it to be a smooth transition.

I’ve also realized problems with the Auto heading. If you’re at 23 degrees and you change AP to 70 degrees, it’ll start banking very fast. It would also be nice if that can be smoothed out as well.

This feature request also applies to the Autothrottle as well. :)

Good day!

I’ve also made another request that talks about heading and Autothrottle, since I couldn’t find a way to fit that in this thread.

Heading / Autothrottle Set

I’ve noticed the same thing as well!

For that, I’ve always felt that there should be a bank limit during cruise, and a slower turn rate. I’m hopeful they tweaked it a bit with LNAV.


I have noticed an issue related to this. I’m the type of guy that turns on the VS vefore hitting ALT in the autopilot. If you hit VS it’s quite smooth, after that when you hit ALT the aircraft takes a dive or it almost goes vertical. I hope this gets fix.


This is really needed, you got my vote.

The AP in IF can be so rocky on some planes, would be great and much more realistic to have that smoothed up ;)


I have to admit, this would be really helpful


This is actually true, I am tired of going to a uncontrolled dive when I am trying to activate AP. Might vote this one.


Yep, Voting absolutely, this’d be great!!


YES! I’ve said that a billion times


I’m going to vote for this because It annoys the hell out of me when I’m flying :)


We need this! When ever I turn on autopilot, the aircraft dives. The whole time this is happening, I am thinking, poor passengers. :)


I agree 100%
Auto pilot work is needed maybe add the bank angle limiters also as well


I would also add that when you change to the view of the video camera with the autopilot on when returning from the camera the plane falls about 500 feet

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I pretend I can hear them and quietly whisper “I’m sorry I know I know”


I think that this would be a great addition as its crazy how your plane turns like crazy and then gradually returns to a normal turn (this is scene especially in the 777).Or a similar thing happens with the altitude were your plane dives down at 3000ft/m when you set it to 1800ft/m. By adjusting this it will make IF much more realistic.


Would be great. If this was implemented it would be cool if you could modify autopilot bank angle limit.

Autopilot needs this smooth transition.


Yeah I agree with everyone this has annoyed me a lot in the past

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Or the speed could have two modes, one for maintaining thrust and the other for maintaining speed. The button could take inspiration from the current LNAV/APPR mode button.

What I would love is a takeoff power button which you press and automatically does takeoff power you have preset.


I’m always thinking about this feature when my LNAV banks from 0-30 degrees in <1sec, which is really annoying. Hope they’ll work on this soon.


This is a great idea!

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