Smooth Autopilot Transitions

Np. Its supposed that the fast turns in 20.1 was fixed but i dont see any change in the a/p turns :(
I hope to get this fixed soon

I agree with @DIEGO11.

It has been greatly improved, but sometimes it still makes hard turns when in cruise or on approach.

My vote still stands, cause there’s still some room for more smoothness.

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True, what i do is turn down my lateral sens so the a/p turns smoothly, but some times the controls gets stucked and when i turn off a/p i dont have any control

Am I the only one who thinks that in 20.2 the LNAV was adjusted a bit? I have found with my last two flights (A320/B737) that turns are much smoother even in high winds. Has anyone else noticed this?

Now all that’s left is to make the throttle not drop to 45%-50% when you engage the speed…


The autopilot in the new 777 family for some reason dives down in a 300-600vs to 1000vs

On the A330 rework again we’re faced with this issue. Jerky and abrupt turns in heading select and LNAV, similar to the A350.

Seems to afflict Airbuses more than Boeing as the 777/787 AP is much smoother than the last two Airbus models to come out.


That can’t be because Boeing is better, right? (half-kidding) :D

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Voted! Highly needed since we’ve had this issue for quite a long time and should be time focus on this!