Smooth Autopilot Transitions

I know that has nothing to do but yesss! I love the A321 but I don’t fly it that much at all because of that issue. Can’t wait to fly it again!

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Now, I feel like deactivating Autopilot is like MCAS is activated. The nose suddenly pitch down… :)


If you are properly trimmed disengaging the autopilot won’t cause big pitch changes.

That is true, but what should be put into place is an automatic calibration system so that we won’t have to position our device where we think it will be neutral at. The controls should be calibrated once AP disconnect happens.

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It’s not a calibration issue - you set that when you first load the flight.

It is a trim issue and there is a visual indicator for you to use to get it right. Learn to trim :)

We really need smoother transitions especially with the NAV function. It’s downright unpleasant when your aircraft banks like a rollercoaster at 36000 feet! It would also be nice if we had more control of the bank angle. I really hope that the devs prioritize this as it is a major component of flight.


We definitely need this! Vote everybody!!!

Yes we do! I voted

I use the autopilot from takeoff to taxing off the runway because of APPR, I would vote but I’m out.



Well not when taxing, but I do as soon as I pull up.

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I don’t get that. Pilots IRL will normally fly manual for a solid portion of the climb. Many pilots of IF already use A/P for the whole flight, why use the autopilot? It’s a lot less fun, and takes a lot less skill.

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Huh? but you just said you use from t/o to gate. Why would you even use autopilot on the ground 🤨🤷‍♂️😂

I don’t use it to the gate I made a typo

I agree with that. If I am dialing in a speed of 300kts from 280kts, the thrust levers are pushed all the way to full power which ain’t necessary. Also, the TO/GA switch would be one of the best in the forthcoming iterations.

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Can’t believe I just saw this feature request now. It’s been nearly 2 years and we need this.

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yeah, it really is a shame that the autopilot works like that, it makes it quite unrealistic.

The new update definitely addressed this issue in the A320. Turns using Heading mode or NAV mode are a lot smoother now.

There still seems to be an issue with the Autothrust maxing the Power all the way to 100% even when increasing speed by 10 knots or so which doesn’t feel right.

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So while cruising if you put GPS mode in it will make turns smoother? I thought the NAV1 and GPS modes didn’t do anything at the moment.

Don’t know about NAV / GPS but in my opinion the turns on Autopilot in the A320 in the new update have got a lot smoother.