Smooth Autopilot Transitions

Not when doing patterns. The whole point of doing patterns is to train on manual handling, not autopilot use. Also on a pattern you do not go out far enough to do a full ILS approach, you are typically turned on to final around 2-3nm from the threshold - you would not be using approach mode in real life.


I am very appreciated that people do notice this problem. You have my vote ! I believe this is a very useful feature to fix if were going to make Infinite Flight more realistic.


With pattern work it’s not common to use APPR however I do use A/P most of the time.

Is it just me and the crazy crosswind I have right now, or was this implemented in the latest update?

Agreed, was ascending to 32 000ft one time and because of the AP, I ended up stalling and was unable to get control of plane again, can be very annoying. Would be a great feature to IF

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Hope this explains it for you 👍

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You Definitely have my Vote! 100%! This needs to be added, it is so annoying when your 4 minutes out from your destination from flying a 14-hour long-haul, and your plane decides to plummet to the ground. This needs to be added!!

Cheers and Happy Landings :)


I love it l.
I almost stall when transitioning from nav to appr…

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OH! totally had this happen a couple of times, You do not even know how annoyed I get when this happens. Lets say that I am descending at -1000 ft/m right? Then I realize that I went too low and need to fly a few feet higher, the second I make the plane go up the nose flies up and all of the sudden I am in a very steep climb up within like 2 seconds. I don’t even wanna know what the G forces on that is. There is a work around tho, if you se the Vs to 0 before you ascend then that works but still it is hard to remember to do that, and this is certainly very annoying, you got my vote


I voted! This is so needed. It sucks when it happens

Would be great if this gets corrected, AP turns are so abrupts!.

Yep! Totally agree! This should be fixed. Sudden changes in Heading and Pitch should be smooth when turning AP. This has been bugging me since I started playing IF a few years ago…

This is needed 100%.

I had an incident the other day, where I was on APPR mode and I disconnected it at around 1000-1500 feet (as pilots do IRL). I made sure I calibrated before I disconnected the A/P, but my plane still nose dived into the sea while on approach to Denpasar in Indonesia, right in front of ATC and two moderators (I think it was Mark and @schyllberg) :/

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Would this be a difficult fix for FDS? I would rather see this improvement than adding more aircraft.


I really would like to have this feature implemented. The current way aircraft turn even during cruise is probably abrupt enough to break passengers necks.

An alternative I currently use to change heading, especially when I’m being vectored by approach, is to increase or decrease the heading by increments of 1° rather than the usual 5/10/20. This makes the turns smooth and looks and feels more realistic


You got my vote. I hope to see this in the near future.

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Every time I have a sharp turn. Virtual passengers are breaking bones at the back so I would love this to be fixed!
#fixIF lol

After many years of hating APPR I used it in the CRJ1000 BUT when it landed it was with the nosewheel first and it didnt flare it was not good at all. It needs a big rework the whole AP system.

Just removed a vote for this, we need this! Especially for the throttle!


I sometimes have really smooth transitions. I’m not sure yet (a few more practices and I will test my theory) but I think when you’re heavy on fuel. you can plummet. Perhaps this has been built into the aircraft as part of the experience. In real life you wouldn’t land heavy. As I said, just my theory… Need to test it.