Smooth ATC voices

I was watching the replays of flights from the Infinite Flight Multiplayer YouTube channel and I realized that the voices from the ATC and other pilots are much clear and smoother than the default voices in the game. Is that a third-party application or which settings were they using? I was fascinated by those voices because the default ones annoy me a lot.


I can’t remember how you do it but there is some device store that you purchase voices for you phone? Someone else will be able to explain better then you go to IF setting and there will be a voice option and choose it from there.

Here I found this
“If you’re on iOS do this:
Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech > Voices > English”

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I don’t know any application that could help with the voices and all the in-game voice settings just sound like robots.

Android has a more variety of voices to choose from. I am not aware of a third-party app for voices

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Isn’t that to change the voices but for your device? I don’t believe it will change the on IF.

Maybe but some of the replays I saw were made on an iPad and they still had those nice voices.

IF doesn’t control the voices.

It simply uses the TTS already available on your device.

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I didn’t know that. I guess I’ll give it a try.

Did anything work? if so can you help me

Sorry, I forgot about answering. Yeah it helped a little. I downloaded the voice I liked but the problem is that IF isn’t picking those new ones.

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I got it, your on IOS right

yupee dee doo

That’s weird, I’m on IOS and my voices are working fine (the ones I downloaded)

This should be in the live category because it deals with the game, not a third party app.


I’m not sure about that, dude. I posted this on Support and got moved to Third Party.

It’s about the live Category because only IF live has the actual voices, which is what this is about, and there is no third party app to do anything with the voices with.

If you go into settings, live, then you can change the default settings for the pilots voice as well as how you hear other pilots.


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If you use the enhanced version of the voice it’s a lot smoother when they are talking but if it doesn’t say enhanced don’t expect it to be smooth. If you are on iOS you can download more stock voices from settings to get to this page do this; Settings —> General —> Accessibility —> Speech —> Voices —> English and there you can download more voices and if the enhanced option is available download it. It works for me.


For anyone trying to get the voice Infinite flight multiplayer uses, its Susan enhanced in the American english section. Just downloaded it

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