Smooth 737 takeoff

When watching planes in the real wold I have noticed that the 737 seems to take off rather smoothly:

In the picture the plane seems to rotate but before completely lifting off the plane rolls on the main gear for a bit then the plane lifts off. Here’s an actual picture, not just a cartoon:


I have tried to mimic this in Infinite Flight however the plane will immediately lift off without doing the ‘roll’ on the main gear. Can anyone give me steps to try and achieve this?

Thanks, Jacob


What is your average rotation speed? In a B737, this is usually around 140kt

From what you are saying, it seems like you have too much speed.


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Nice dude
Your landing perfect

I usually rotate around 150kts. Is this too late?

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around 100 knotsyou should pull back just a little and then once your nose starts to lift increase your pitch,this means early rotation.but then it gets liike 3 to 5 seconds before you are actually off the ground.How you do it changes on the variant.Dont do this with a -900


@ORDspotter I feel like 100kt is a little too early (for a 737 anyways…), @Jacob_Laurie I would start rotating at around 130-135kt then be in full rotation by the rotation speed (usually around 150kt depending on weights) which should give a nice rotation. Also, make sure your trim is correct (personal preference).


I was referring to pulling up slight so when the plane is ready to rotate it starts rising,not actually rotating at 100 knots


Oh ok, roger. So just ‘hovering’ the nose off of the ground?


@Jacob_Laurie just keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Go into the solo mode and practice doing takeoffs on a long runway, changing the power setting, trim, and your physical ‘pull’ on the yoke/device. Eventually you will get there!


Yes,then you increase pitch and you get the effect he is looking for


With B737 I pull up at V1, then rotate and takeoff.
I read that from a Boeing doc and it works like a charm

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The 737 FCOM suggests to maintain a light forward pitch until 80kts; release the forward pressure and rotate maintaining about 2-3 degrees a second at rotation and pitching up to 15 degrees.


What flaps setting do you use? @Jacob_Laurie

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I use Flaps 10!

Try using one step higher 15 I believe

The standard takeoff flap setting is 5 degrees on the 737 unless you need that extra lift on short fields.

Well then. I’ll have to do some adjusting to that.

Dude, your comment is 360° out of topic

You could try to use more trim so the nose rotates before V1

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