Smoky Spotting @ KDEN - October 17th, 2020

Hey all!! Last weekend, I made the trek out to DEN to originally spot the Atlas 744 that was going to come, but unfortunately, schedule changes in the NFL delayed it’s coming. It will come in about a month, and I’ll be going back to DEN to catch it. Anyway, this session had a lot of highlights, even featuring some specials! Let’s get right into the photos!

Photo One: Starting off with a shot I wasn’t going to initially include, but this was one I wanted to show anyways. This shot marks my 1st JetBlue spot, making it the 10th domestic passenger airline I’ve spotted at DEN! This shot also captures the smoke cloud from the fire that had started around 3 hours before this shot was taken, the CalWood fire. This is N507JT, one of JetBlue’s oldest A320s, at 20.5 years old, heading to Boston, Massachusetts, (BOS) as “JetBlue 394”

Photo Two: Up next, we feature an airline + aircraft type that’s pretty rare for DEN. the American Eagle operated by Skywest CRJ-700. It’s nice to finally catch one, although I would have liked to see the one in the Skywest livery. Here’s N753SK, a 15.5-year-old CRJ-700, operating as “Skywest 3231” heading over to Los Angeles, California (LAX).

Photo Three: After the CRJ, here comes a new Frontier tail for me. “Eccles” the Ermine adorns this tail of this 2-year-old A320 NEO. “Eccles” is departing a little tardy to Ontario, California (ONT) as “Frontier Flight 371”

Photo Four: After the A320 NEO, we go back to a regular member of the A320 family, the A321. As you may tell by the reg, this bird formerly operated for US Airways back in the day, until being acquired in the US-AA merger. The plane, N188US, an A321-211, is 18.6 years old and operating “American 2635” down to Dallas, Texas (DFW) today.

Photo 5: Up next, I feature the best livery on the best airline (totally not biased) with or without splits for this and the next shot. I love this livery, and it definitely will be a sad day when the last one of the normal ones are painted into the heart livery. Anywho, here’s N298WN, a 13-year-old 737-7H4, heading over the hills in the west to Sacramento, California (SMF) as “Southwest 3254”

Photo Six: Again featuring the classic Canyon Blue livery, this time without splits, with American’s N129AA in the background sitting on the pad waiting to head to Chicago, while N562WN, a 19.9 year old 737-790, formerly operated by Alaska Airlines as N624AS, heads over to runway 25 for a departure to Las Vegas, Nevada (LAS) as “Southwest 6861”

Photo Seven: One of the three specials I caught this day was Alaska’s “Salmon Thirty Salmon” livery. Although I hate salmon (since I’m allergic to it) this has to be the best-looking salmon I’ve seen. Here is N559AS, a 14.2 year old 737-890, arriving hot from Seattle, Washington (SEA) as “Alaska 1474”

Photo Eight: The first of two Southwest State liveries I caught this day was the Florida One livery. Florida One is the third Southwest State livery I have caught (I’ve also caught the Illinois One livery and the Tennesee One Livery. I also caught the Louisiana One Livery that day but it’s really bad photo quality, so I won’t share it.) Anyways, here’s N945WN, or “Florida One”, a 10.6-year-old 737-7H4, heading out to Los Angeles, California (LAX) as “Southwest 184”

Photo Nine: Another Frontier plane that’s new to me, this time “Cliff” the Mountain Goat, a 3.8-year-old Airbus A320 NEO, Frontier’s 4th A320 NEO overall, is seen on the tow to gate A54. It would later operate “Frontier Flight 460” to Minneapolis, Minnesota (MSP). You also can partially see the nose of “Elrey” the Elk, sitting on the east ramp for the day.

Photo Ten: Why not catch both of Frontier’s planes named “Cliff” the Moutain Goat on the same day? Well, I did. This one was the one I was more excited for since it has Frontier’s old livery, which brings me back so many memories. My dad even flew on this plane when it was around a month old back in 2011. “Cliff”, 9.4 years old, is seen here heading to runway 34L heading down to Tucson, Arizona as “Frontier Flight 715”

Well, that’s it for the photos. Let me know down below which one was your favorite and if you want a part two! That’s it from me, catch ya next time :)

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Great Pictures! Nice to see all the planes, even with the smoky skies.

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It’s in Colorado so you know my answer to this 😉

Love them

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Thanks both of you!


Beautiful Photos!

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Fantastic shots as always, Luke!

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Thanks Mason!

Thank you!


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