Smoky Landings at KFLL - 11/23/19

Hello everyone again!

In this second planespotting thread, I’m sharing just a few photos from my spotting trip at KFLL, taken in late November. This was my first time spotting at KFLL, and is now one of my favorite locations to spot at.

I spotted at Airport Greenbelt park, which is located right by runway 10R/28L.
KFLL Spotting Location

Anyways, enjoy some of the smoky landing photos I took while I was there!

Here is one of Emirates’ few 777-200, A6-EMI, touching down on 10R after a flight from Dubai. Emirates has just a total of ten 777-200.

N671DN, a Delta 757-200 landing after a flight from KMSP.

My first time spotting Bahamasair! C6-BFX is a 737-700, which used to fly for Alaska Airlines, then Lucky Air, and finally back to North America flying for Bahamasair.

A relatively new Southwest 737-800, N8650F, still wearing the Canyon Blue livery; making a very smoky landing in KFLL.

First time spotting Air Transat as well! This A321 is wearing the “Kids Club Enfants” livery, and I think it’s quite a fun livery! C-GEZO flew for Aeroflot, before being delivered to Air Transat in Febuary 2019.

JetBlue is one of the airlines that has a base in KFLL. Here is N2016J, an A321neo, JetBlue’s newest aircraft type to the fleet. JetBlue plans on using these neos on their soon to be trans-atlantic routes!

A very smoky landing made by N159AN, an American A321. Shame that orange pole got in the photo…

Southwest 737-700 landing at KFLL in the beautiful morning light. N7845A flew for China Southern, before flying for Southwest.

C-GHLK has a long history. She started flying for Air Europe, then BalAir, which since then both have ceased operations. Then she flew under the name of Canadian Airlines, Ansett Australia, Air Canada, and now finally wearing Air Canada Rouge colors.

The final photo of this thread is N668NK. Spirit Airlines is another airline that has a hub in KFLL, along with JetBlue like said before, and a small airline called Silver Airways.. N668NK is an Airbus A321, who was delivered to Spirit Airlines in 2016.

Thank you for checking out my second planespotting thread! Hoped you enjoyed the photos! I post daily on my planespotting Instagram page, feel free to check it out: Instagram Page

Let me know your thoughts on the photos… and which one is your favorite!
Have a good day :)


Stunning photos! 😍

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These are some great photos! I think @Luke_Sta and I can agree that the Canyon Blue 738 is 🔥. That JetBlue A321 is slick too. Good stuff!


WOW! They are some absolutely incredible pictures!!! I love the 777 :)

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Thanks! I agree the Canyon Blue looks very nice on the 738!

Nice photos! I really love the Air Transat livery on the A321!

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Is this from the official spotting location?

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Nice shots! I spotted there a bit to the left over in the parking lot.

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I guess you could say it’s a official spotting location. The park is designed with planespotters in-mind.

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Thank you! Yeah I spotted more towards the touchdown zone… to be able to spot these smoky landings haha.

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Isn’t the one next to 10L official? I know which one your talking about now though. I was there earlier this year, but it was closed, they were going western flow anyway, so we went to the garage, FLL is still my favorite airport I’ve spotted at, but I guess to be fair I’ve only done two… 😂

Thanks for giving my home airport some support! I always spot at that location and hope you come back

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What camera do you use?

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Absolutely stunning

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Yeah I believe the one by 10L is a official location.

I’ve spotted at the garage too when I stayed in the Fort Lauderdale area. Equally a great spotting location. You can expect me to post more photos from the garage in the future too!

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I’d definitely would love to go back. Fort Lauderdale is an amazing airport to go planespotting.

Canon EOS 500D

Nice! Looks like you caught a 737-800 without splits, those are very rare! @Thunderbolt was right!

Wowza! Those are stunning!

Amazing shots! Also what lens is the best for this location?