Smithsonian Air and Space Museum - Photos

Took a lot of pictures during my recent visit to Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC, USA.

Here are some…
You can find a 747, a DC-10 (I think), a RR RB 211 engine, a couple of cockpits.

Please click on the link, sorry


Woah! Awesome pictures!

Thanks Henrik! :)

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Me… Want… 747…

Gorgeous NWA livery

You should also check out the one by dullas airport in Va

It’s less crowded and nice planes and you can see the engines really up close

This is a reminder to me that I need to get to Duxford next time I’m in England. Great photos by the way.

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Been there several years ago. I think the nearby Udvar-Hazy center is even better.



That shine 😍😍

great photos!! thanks for sharing