Smile's quest to ATC in every country and US state!

Welcome to the main page of my quest to control in every single US state, and every country in the world!

Topic inspired by @AsternAviation

Hello! As I am reaching my 1 month anniversary of joining IFATC, I thought to start up a quest to control in wide areas. In this topic, I will be showing what countries and US states I have controlled in, and my main goal is to control every single one of them! (at least the ones that have airports in them.)

Progress in the United States

Last updated 4/16/2021 at 0104

Progress across the world

Last updated 5/13/2021 at 1614Z


Looking good smile! Good luck on your quest!


Ay you controlled in my home state, what airport in California did you control?

I controlled at San Jose (KSJC).

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oh cool I live less than an hour drive from there

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I live around 1 1/2 hours north of SJC :)

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I also controlled at KSMF
@bbrockairbus @Populeux_Music

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That’s about 40 minutes north of me @Smile760981 😂

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It’s about a 1 day west of me 😂

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Today, I have controlled at Comoros, more specifically at FMCH. Was fun controlling at GA Day!

Today, I controlled at EETN in Estonia, also known as Tallinn Airport. The airport does not have a ground frequency, just like yesterday at Comoros. Planning to control in Poland later!

This was also my first time controlling at a hub. Not a lot of traffic, as everyone is at Warsaw.

Good luck with this journey!

Seems like your gonna be in for a long but I would imagine very enjoyable adventure.

I look forward to seeing the rest of your updates @Smile760981!

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Thank you for the support! I hope I can still continue after the new ATC schedule update coming in May.

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This is such a cool idea. Just for fun, I decided to make mine. Looks like I need to control a little more in Africa and in Eastern Europe!


Quick question, where in Missouri did you control?

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Wow cool! What do you use for making these maps?

I use Mapcharts. It’s easy to use and Theres a lot of maps.

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I controlled at Denver today, marking Colorado as my 5th state to control in the United States!

Will be controlling for an hour or so, come check me out if you wish!

Controlled at MMMX today! Just finished up and heading to EDDF for an hour.