@smile760981 APPEAL

I’m not sure what happened when I was flying out of the islands off Africa, I had no idea which runway was in use, and I got cleared for immediate takeoff. I had no idea where I was supposed to go. There’s no ability in takeoff clearance to decline. There was no ground control active. There was no atis, and no wind.

Can you retract my level two violation? I have a great track record as you can see from my stats. It was not a question of following orders. It was an accident chain where several unusual things piled up. As soon as i saw the other plane, i turned away to see and avoid. Its important to me to be in good standing. Thanks for consideration.

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Hello! Please make a PM with @Smile760981 and @appeals to discuss this issue.

Also, I recommend checking this guide made by one of our community moderators, Drummer for if you get a report on the Expert Server


As stated above