Smelly’s airport editing thread


I’m now editing CDA5 it could be done before 6pm but it depends when I receive imagery

Still waiting on imagery for the next airport that ill be working on ill give an update when work has officially started !

CDA5 is now in OR!

Work has started on bell island airport should not take long as it’s only 2D work with some fences just waiting on imagery

CCV4 is now in OR


I have started work on KDET this airport is Detroits Main private airport and it’s coming along good so far this airport will take me probably take me around 2 months to complete but it depends on how much free time I have so it could be quicker I can’t wait to show you a WIP soon 🔜!

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Don’t forget to bring your security detail if you fly here

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Hi just a little updated : i will be taking a break from editing until later notice i feel like im in a tight position balancing school and ifaet i hope to be back soon and well within the community but my education is my first priority as im coming into my important year in school. I hope you understand my decision what i am taking and i hope to edit again soon! Thanks for supporting me

Thank you smelly


Just a update on some airports why I have been gone

KDET, has not been worked on since last update on my thread I am going to start that back up partially soon!

Fogo, is now ready for release in a future version of infinite flight :)

And that’s pretty much it and thanks for reading have a good day!

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Just another update All airports But KHTS are now Ready for Release KDET has started work again and in good progress I wish to give you a wip by the end of the week if progress runs on my schedule and thanks eny questions please feel free to ask!

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Just a little peep into development at KDET 🤩 maby a terminal wip on Friday? 😉

This airport is still in Development things may still change in this image


Happy Friday guys and it’s time for a new WIP 🚧

Things may change within these photos this may not be the release product and I am happy to share these images with you ;) have a good day / night !



Things may be subject to change in this image!


I have some sad news due to me being bissy at school I do not have enough time to complete KDET there fore I have made the choice to stop editing it I’m sorry for the inconvenience and I hope I can release smaller airports quicker than a big airport over a long period.

Thank you Smelly

Hopefully you can finish it during the summer

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NZNS = Nelson airport New Zealand 🇳🇿

Work has started on this airport work coming along good so far should mostly be completed within a month :)

( Depending on my free time! )


2D work is nearly complete just need to add buildings and Objects for the finished look progress is on time :)


Cant wait, Nelson will be perfect for when the C208 comes with Sounds Air!!


I don’t expect Nelson to be out by next update but I’m trying to finish it before July :)

A little change of plan I will be making the airport from scratch including new taxiways :)