Smelly’s airport editing thread

Thank you 😊

The WIP that has been chosen is CARGO ! The wip will be released within the next 3 hours cant wait to show !

Images of the new cargo apron at KHTS

This space is still under development this may not be the final design in game !


Good work !

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Progress has been made ! Tho the work has now been paused as I’m going on holiday till March 4 ! I hope you understand this and thanks for supporting my editing journey!


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I have some great news EGEY is now ready for release this will come in a later app version thanks for the support and KHTS is now underway again!


I’m here to bring you guys some great news, KHTS is going through its final Peer review after changes are completed it will be going into official review! To be sent out into the Real Game !

I can’t wait for this to be put into the game and I hope you do do !

Yay another 3D airport west Virginia, The scenery throught the state is beautifully!

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I’m glad to say that CYJA is now ready for release and will come in a following update!

Update on KHTS
I’ve started working on new buildings at KHTS these buildings really bring the airport to life on the right Side of the airfield have a look at this early development WIP ⚠️ of these buildings 👀

This place is still very much under development I don’t expect it to release in 24.3 but it’s a possibility of 24.4


Great news KHTS is now in OR this is my biggest and best airport so far and thank you so much for supporting my editing journey I wonder what the next airport that I’m going to work on will be 👀 I’ll tell you soon 🔜
Have a look at KHTS please do mind some stuff may still change

Some buildings may be floating but this is normal until the ground elevation changes when the airport is officially released thank you 🤩


Just a heads up!

Just a heads up that from now on until further notice I will be Challenging less big airports this means I can get more airports into the game quicker I hope you understand why I’m doing this I promise I will do another big airport in the future when I feel like I am ready thank you for your understanding


I have started work on CDY3 I estimate it to be completed by tomorrow as it is fairly small

Yeah it’s rly small. From the satellite view on Apple Maps, I can only see one building.

HTS looks amazing cant wait!!

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Yeh it is it’s already I. It’s 1st PR I’ve managed to make it to have a open hangar is well as it is only a small airport

I only got assigned to this airport an hour ago and it’s already technically finished I expect it to go into OR by later today or early tomorrow

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That was rly quick! The hanger looks great.

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The airport I am most excited for is KHTW and there is no if, ands, or buts about that.

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CDY3 is now in OR this is probably the quickest I’ve ever made an airport time for another 😝