Smashing into ground

Is there a reason small aircraft in infinite flight smash the front gear into the ground when landing. 737 and the a320 are the worst at these.


You might be coming in too fast and have to land nose first just to get it on the ground.

What airspeed do you usually land at?

Im very experienced when it comes to landing I always land between 130-140 knots

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Increase your trim. It’s a difficult technique to master but once the back wheels touch down don’t immediately tilt your screen forwards. Increased Trim also helps a lot.

My trim is always set between 10-20 pitch

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Alright, well try increasing it.

Okay I will test this I did increase my pitch at one point to little no help but I will test again

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He’s right. Once I started landing at higher trim, it’s easier to keep the nose up. Especially in the 737. Still working out the A320


What trim setting would you recommend when I set my trim higher then 20 my plane goes to up and I have to keep my device facing down while on final

That’s all dependent on your weight, speed, etc. I tend to land just under MLW as Deer said that planes fly better with more weight than less. This requires me to need higher trim at slower speeds. I usually land around 40-50% in the 737

Probably not realistic but I remember the A320 could keep the nose up (or at least not slam it) if you applied moderate up elevator upon touchdown. Requires speed control though so you don’t just fly back up.

Makes sense I tend to always keep my front gear up with the a339 which is really good at landing but I’ll fry what you recommended

I don’t really try to keep the gear up per se, I just keep back pressure so the gear comes down slowly, when the reversers come on the nose is gonna want to dip, I’ve noticed, so by the time I do that, my nose is close enough to the ground where that is negated

True but the a320 definitely has that problem slamming into the ground like it collapse the front gear. But I’ll definitely try what you recommend after I finish my flight OMDB-NZAA

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Yes, it has a heavy nose indeed! One has to keep back pressure up to the moment the front gear touches down.

True. I have seen enough videos of A320 landings and there is no way of touching down nose gear smoothly with normal landing configuration in Infinite Flight.
These planes probably require updating the physics. Other aircrafts like A330, B777, B787, etc. do not have this issue.

If you want smooth touchdown of nose gear in A320 family aircrafts, I suggest set the Spoilers to OFF during touchdown and just see the difference!

Which of these do you mean (there is likely a different answer depending on which one)?:

  1. nose gear hits first
  2. main wheels hit first, but nose hits hard soon after, where you can’t control that
  3. main wheels hit first, and nose is still up, but you have trouble lowering it smoothly
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Try turning the auto brakes and spoilers off. Might help. Just turn it on once the front wheel landed already.

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