Smartwings VA (including Czech airlines)

Hello even though Czech airlines and smartwings aren’t a livery could I still please open up a smartwings va (including czech airlines as smartwings own them) I am very happy to open up a website and to even make a discord server and banners.

737-800 (GENERIC)
A320-200 (GENERIC)
A319-100 (GENERIC)

Kind regards Se.mal aviation




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Oh didn’t know thanks XY

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But keep in mind that this process will take a few month…

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I just realised I’m not tl2

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Hi! Be sure to check out the VARB website, see if the airline isnt already taken/reserved and then start the construction, to achieve TL2 just be active in the community and you should be there in no time at all! Best of luck and I can’t wait to see what comes of your VA idea!


Hello @Se.Mal_aviation!

We’re glad you’d like to start up a VA! A Virtual Airline is an awesome feature of this community and I’m super happy we have access to them.

I saw above that you aren’t TL2, but I’ll leave some thinks here for you to check out.

About your question, as given above, the best source for all your Virtual Airline needs can be found here.

Below are links to a couple important pages.

-Requirements and a quick overview can be found: here
-How to create a VA/VO can be found: here
-Disallowed VAs can be found: here
-Active VAs Registrations can be found: here

I hope this helps you in your VA creation journey! If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out!