SmartLynx (new livery) A320-232

🇱🇻SmartLynx (ES-SAM) A320-232 🇱🇻

Hello everyone and welcome to Smartlynx A320 feature request!

Photo credit to Adolfo Bento de Urquía
Link to the picture and credit

About the airplane:

  • According to, the plane was made in october 2002.
  • Also according to, the plane was delivered to this airline in april 2015
  • See this link for more informations about this plane.
  • The registration of the plane is ES-SAM.
  • The serial number of the plane is 1896.
  • The complete name of the plane is Airbus A320-232.

What is SmartLynx?

  • Smartlynx is a Lativian airline.🇱🇻
  • See Wikipedia for more informations about Smartlynx.

Why I want SmartLynx in the simulator?

  • I like the color of the tail.
  • I think Infinite Flight is lacking of Nordic airlines.

Now that is a nice looking feature request! Especially compared to the old one. Well done, really nice. The livery would be interesting as well! I’m a fan of those a little bit more unusual liveries. They add a lot of new options to the game regarding realistic routes etc.


SmartLynx airlines will be a great addition to Infinite Flight, like with Aegean… 🙂

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Edit 3: removed the red crosses option, because I can’t apply this correctly.

I’m refreshing, SmartLynx is a Lativian airline they have 16 A320.
Source: Wikipedia

Definitely boosting this. I need to honour my ancestral homeland!

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SmartLynx is a Latvian charter airline that was found in 1992 (as LatCharter) and it started theirs operations in 1993.
His main hub is Riga Airport…


Also, do you like the livery?

  • Yes, it’s a nice one!
  • Meh, it’s ok.
  • No, the old one is better!*

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*Here is the old one. 👇