SmartLynx Estonia A320

I was planespotting at EETN at the beginning of July, and i caught a SmartLynx Airlines Estonia A320 on camera :)

Airline: SmartLynx Estonia
Aircraft: Airbus A320-232
Camera: Pentax K100D
Date: 2. July 2016
Location: Tallinn airport, Estonia (TLL/EETN)


It’s that a new airline? But it’s beautiful.

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Great. A good small airline to buy. It shouldn’t be more than 500,000,000€ in price.

That’s 500 small loans of a million dollars.

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Actually, there’s SmartLynx Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, but it’s established in Latvia, in 1992, so actually it’s older than airBaltic (airBaltic is established in 1995). SmartLynx headquarters are in Riga International Airport (RIX-EVRA)

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Actually it is quite new, it started flying in 2012 :)
They have 3 planes: ES-SAM, ES-SAK, ES-SAL :)

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Is there SmartLynx Lithuania? Wow, didn’t even know. :)

Okay so SmartLynx Estonia is dedicated company? Lithuanians have Small Planet Airlines which operates under SmartLynx, so straight there’s no SmartLynx Lithuania, it was my mistake to say so, there’s Small Planet Airlines (SmartLynx) (Lithuania)

Okay no problem :) Now i know better too :)

Has someone requested this on features?

What do you mean?

Like has someone requested this plane to be in Infinite Flight, a feature request.

Well i don’t know but they wouldn’t add that livery to the game anyway, because the airline is not so popular as some other airlines around the world.

Nobody will add airline with only 3 Airlines in fleet

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No, it depends if the Devs have time.
They created a UPS A332F even they never owned one.


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