Smartavia 737-800

Smartavia 737-800

Image via Akangaviation on Jetphotos

Smartavia is a budget domestic Russian airline formerly known as Arkhangelsk United Aviation Squadron, AVL Arkhangelsk Airlines, Aeroflot-Nord, and Nordavia. They have hubs in St. Petersburg and Moscow Domodedovo. Smartavia has a total of 21 destinations to Armenia, Georgia, Norway, Russia, and Ukraine, most of the international flights are temporarily suspended.

The Smartavia livery in the 738 would be good to have because we currently do not have many domestic liveries to fly around Russia with for longer domestic flights to smaller airports. It is an airline that we do not currently have in IF with a beautiful livery, especially on the tail design.

Here ya go @NORTRANS!

Looks quite like the Aeroflot livery a little bit. Other than them be a russian airline do they have any relation to Aeroflot?


They were once a subsidiary of Aeroflot

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Ah, I see. Seem like a cool little airline

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It was actually called aeroflot nord for some time and they were working to integrate it further into the company, but then then their 737 crashed near Perm because crew were very exhausted and probably drunk, so over the next few years aeroflot distanced itself from the company further and further until it eventually sold it to Nornickel 3 years after


Beautiful, thank you so much

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I literally never heard about this airline before. Cool livery and request!


Love that livery. We need more russian liverys in IF👌😤🇷🇺


I forgot I made this request lol

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I agree, we need as many liveries and callsigns as possible to operate flights from Domodedovo

I run out of votes, but I support anyway