Smart Watch support

In 2018, Smart watch worldwide sales are expected to reach 141 million units (source: So it would be safe to assume that many of us here own a smart watch. Do you?

My feature proposal is for IF (of a third party?) to develop a smart watch app that allows us to see vital statistics of our aircraft.

Would it not be handy to check your watch in school, or at work, to see how far your long haul is progressing?

Things we may want to see:

  • number of NM to our destination airport
  • time left, to our destinations airport
  • altitude (AGL)
  • airspeed


  • overspeed (or close to the speed limit)
  • altitude warning
  • when 30 mins away from destination; a setting we can choose

Controlling our aircraft from the smart watch, I am not sure about. Perhaps an option to change throttle by plus or minus 10% or by plus or minus M0.02

I’m interested to hear what you think

  • I own a smart watch
  • I will have a smart watch ‘soon’
  • I don’t own a smart watch
  • I don’t want a smart watch

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I have a pebble wich is a little older, but works. This is exactly the kind of thing that made me want a smart watch…

This would be interesting. Foreflight did have something similar to this in which the Apple Watch was compatible. However, they discontinued it sometime last year so that they can rewrite the coding to take full advantage of Watch OS4.

The only issue I see is that we’d have to remain in close proximity to our device because these items are generally run off of Bluetooth. Bluetooth will work in the range of 20ft or so ± a couple feet.


Personally I use IF on my iPad while my Apple Watch is of course connected to my iPhone. Perhaps a LiveFlight Apple Watch app would make more sense down the road where we don’t need to have our watch connected to the actually device we are using IF on.


That would still be useful if you were to say go downstairs and play Xbox for example, to still know “20 muinet till destination” and the like. So sure some cases like at school or work doing a long flight it would be useless, but nothing is perfect I suppose…


LiveFlight on iOS supports this - in theory, you should be able to receive the notifications on your smart watch


Is Android somewhere in a grand master plan? Just curious…


If I could code, I would totally make an api app for that. Nothing too complex, maybe just notifications and a moving map to start with

So I was about to start working on something (or see if it was possible) for Pebble, but then I found out that that officially died in June…

So… 🤷🏻‍♂️

To be honest if you do an apple watch app it would be make sense. For android wear i dont think so since noone use android wear anymore…

Nah still quite a few people I know use android wear, and Tizen (Samsung Gear) software like I have myself


As some don’t have a smart watch, why don’t do an app with those infos (like sort of private tracking) which can be connected to the smart watch ?
Because then the app would run on the phone maybe in background and get the data through internet, and then send it to the watch via bluetooth.
Maybe it sounds a bit complicate 🤔

Just because we carry our phones with us, but maybe not the device where the flight is on

I would like this to be available on iPhone and iPad too. Sometimes I am out of the house so I would like to be able to control my flight.

My thoughts behind this idea were that the smart watch app would login to your IF account, or your LifeFlight account. This way, the watch app can function without the need for a Bluetooth connection, and can work anywhere.

No idea if this is possible.

I thought about this, when I created the my feature proposal: a phone could do this as well…

But, you know, I really was looking for a good reason to buy a smart watch ;-)

Also, there are many situations where it’s not appropriate or allowed to check your phone (at school for example, or a board meeting), but it’s acceptable to glance at your watch…

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This would be pretty interesting. Actually a nice thing if I could control some stuff or at least display information on my Apple Watch

I mean for the most part it could connect to Liveflight maybe, and possibly have Liveflight connect type of thing for the ability to connect remotely, I dont know if that is even possible

Ohh that would be interesting
I like where you are coming from here
I have a decent smart watch and it would be cool to see flight info on.
Then I wouldn’t have to be so worrysome if I’m going to overshoot my destination

Great! So…vote! ;-)

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I believe all of the watches have Wi-Fi so if you’re in vicinity of the same building and the new Apple Watch is have cellular