Smallest runway in if

What is the smallest runway in infinite flight. I would like to try landing some giant planes on it for fun in solo. Thanks all

The smallest in Infinite Flight is a helipad… But Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport in Saba (TNCS) is the smallest runway in the world.


Also, if yoy are looking for a steep approach, dangerous conditions and a small runway? Try Lukla Airport (VNLK)

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Lukla is a crazy airport to approach

What’s the ICAO for the helipad. I’m most likely going to attempt to land a 737 there.

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There’s lots of helipads

The one I know best is EGLT ascot heliport.


There’s one in Switzerland I think

St baths it is only around 1250 feet I believe

(Or 400 Meters for everyone not from America)

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