Smallest center

What’s the smallest center in IF?

I looked around a little bit and Ljubljana and the Skopje are pretty small.

If you look around here you can see some pretty small ines

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Beirut, Kigali and Bujumbura are probably the smallest you’ll get. I’d lean towards Beirut since it’s in the smallest country of the 3 as it has half the land area of the rest, minus the airspace off the coast.

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Yeah I just looked and those ones are also really small

The two smallest I know of are

Baku South Sector




I didnt see these ones, I get why Baku South needs one but Tashkent I cant understand.

Tashkent is the FIR of Usbekistan. A Nation. Why shouldn’t they have a own airspace?

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Miami oceanic is pretty small (it’s in the Gulf of Mexico)

Pretty sure one of the smallest I’ve seen so far is Baku South. Found southeast of Yerevan Airport (UDYZ).

Kuwait Centre is pretty damn tiny too

that is TINY.

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Oakland Oceanic is pretty small


I think that might be the smallest centre ever

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