Smallest aircrafts to the biggest aircrafts flown

Continuing on IRL Flight series what’s the smallest aircrafts you flown and the biggest?

Smallest Ex: Cessna, Piper, Citation…
Biggest: B787, B747, A380…

Airbus A319
Boeing 747


The smallest would probably be the Q400 from DUS to ZRH which was booked with Eurowings but operated by Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter

And the largest aircraft I have flown on would be the A388 (many times)

Smallest: Airbus A319
Biggest: Airbus A321

Smallest: Embraer 145
Largest: Airbus A340-300

Smallest: Cessna 208
Biggest: Airbus A380


Smallest commercial plane: Bombardier CRJ900
Biggest commercial plane: Airbus A380-800

The smallest plane I fly in on a regular basis are one seater gliders.

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Smallest Aircraft (all categories):
Piper PA-28 Cherokee - Using for flight training
Smallest Commercial:
CRJ-200 - With United/Delta/American
Largest All:
Boeing 787-9 - Denver to London on Norwegian Air

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-Delta 767-300 no winglets

  • Goodyear blimp count? 😏
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Smallest: CRJ-200

Biggest: 787-8

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Smallest: Piper J-3 Cub

Largest: Delta 777LR

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Diamond DA-20

Smallest A319, largest A321 😂

Smallest: CRJ200
Largest: 747

Does will fly count? If so then the largest plane is the Airbus A330-300
and the smallest is the A319

Smallest: if a microlite counts then that, if not then a PA-28.

Largest: 747-8i

I think it’d be awesome if people included the airline if possible. Just my two cents. 😂🤓

737-700 A320 737-800 MD-88 MD-90 for me. Is the A320 larger than the 737-800?

Smallest: A319-100 with Lufthansa
Biggest: a380-800 with Emirates