Smallest aircraft you've been on

For me it is the A380


I’ve sat in a Grob Tutor

For me, it’s a Piper Cub

Been on this King Air 200, (G-BYCP)


Which sadly crashed weeks after I went on it :(


The 172, but it had a interesting story. I was at my local airport and a plane came in. It was a 172. The pilot gets out after shutting it down and walks at me. I was 6 at the time so when I saw him I was so exited all I said was “i like planes.” He gives me a strange look and says great would you like to fly with me. So I said yes and one thing led to another I was in the air. He was doing is anuule so he did stalls and stuff and it was so cool!!!
Side note not as good as the last story is also been in a piper chericey warrior

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Piper Cub/Cessna 152

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Bombardier CRJ 1000.

Cessna 172 . Probably coolest small plane though… Bonanza V-tail

Cessna 208 YHBA-YLTT and back.

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Smallest commercial c208

Cessna 210 atleast what are I flown in

Smallest I’ve been on was the Fiji Airways 737 (forgot what model 737, sorry)

ATR-72-500 and ERJ-175 are the smallest I have been on.

American Eagle ERJ-175 is the smallest.

Maule M7.

Once a year I work at a remote tower for an ag expo, it also happens to be where these are made and at the end of the expo every year he will give the controllers and I a ride around.


Delta Airlines CRJ-200 From RAP-SLC
Airbus A319 Frontier Airlines from FSD-DEN
Airbus A320 also Frontier Airlines from DEN-SFD

Those are fun to fly

I flew on a RV - 6A for my first flight hours

It’s always so nerve wrecking, taking off in what seems 5 feet and landing in less… getting tossed around by the wind…

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Cessna 172. My friend’s dad owns a glider bussiness, so soon my smallest will be a 2-seater glider.

This wonderful PA-28 :)

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