Smallest 3D airports in InfiniteFlight

What are the smallest 3D airports in InfiniteFlight (Other than Lukla)- and specifically - What is the smallest 3D airport with 1 very short runway with a parallel taxiway? Totally don’t want to do something stupid with this! Some pictures of the airports appreciated


If I’m correct, TNCS (Saba Airport) is one of the few!
LFLJ (Courchevel Altiport) is also 3D with also a few buildings!

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I know this technically doesn’t follow the rules, but check out O39.

I know of Saba but I do not know of the other! I will check it out at some point

O39 is supposedly 3D but it has no buildings at all

huh thats a bit sus

It has a windsock 🙃

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I know of SBFN (Fernando de Noronha) but it doesn’t have a parallel taxiway. The runway is pretty short tho

they said other than lukla

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Oh oops my bad

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alice springs is quite small for a 3d airport

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CYLK 3D. Lutselk’e NT Canada is a remote community Aerodrome located 110km East of Yellowknife CYZF
RWY is 3003FT X100FT Gravel
Thanks @Ecoops123

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