Smaller Pixels

Hey everyone i don’t know aboute there are an Topic aboute this i don’t found someting.

This Request is aboute when you Get closer to the ground the Pixsels get smaller because things is very big and that is hard to see so this thing will looks more realistic.

What do you mean, better quality?

Hey there,
What do you mean there by ‘pixels’? Do you mean, better graphics?

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I didn’t wrote better quality.

I really don’t know what you mean then

The pixels in the Sencery.

So it get more accurate?

What? I don’t understand what do you mean.

Here is a similar topic I have found in the #features category.
Make sure to:

  1. Vote on your own topic
  2. Search before posting any features topics, so the topic won’t be a duplicate.
  3. Explain it more briefly in detail, you can add a picture if needed.

So the scenery get more accurate?

Yes. That.

I didn’t found it.

Quoting Jason on this, even though it was about something else (:

Our current scenery is 15 meter per pixel in the high definition areas. Of course our intentions is to improve this in the future, but a request is not needed :)


Ohh ok, thanks.

Looks like you are looking for a better scenery quality. Make sure you explain it better in detail about your features topic if you can. But yes, I could agree when flying at a very low altitude the scenery just gets lost…