Smaller (Civilian Owned) Aircraft at commercial airports

Quick question,
Do any of you guys know whether a smaller aircraft owned by a person instead of an airline be allowed to land at commercial airports such as London City and Heathrow? Would they need preclearance from the airports?

This is some good info. Can even be applied to IF. Specifically this answer is pretty good first-hand experience.

They’re allowed, as long as they apply for slots and jump through all the hoops, private jets do that all the time.

Not really, the ATC will tolerate you, albeit through gritted teeth during rush hour.

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I’ve seen Cessna 172s, Cessna 208s with floats, Pilatus PC-12s fly into JFK. Not a huge deal if one comes in

Good luck. Lol

You better be on your A game. Atc in those place don’t like repeating instructions. And expect a lot of vectors. And you better be on point with your altitude. They will not hesitate to write you up.

Pick less busier times. Super early in the am or late night. They would love to see a 152 land on a 10000 ft rwy :p

And then they love you to be stopped at the first taxiway with a EK A380 waiting for takeoff clearance.