Smaller Airports With BIG Planes

I was at MMTG one time in a A320. I Had Just Arrived From LAX. I Heard The ATC Say “Lufthansa 666 Heavy Number 1, Cleared To Land” then I thought maybe it was another idiot in a 737 or so who forgot to change their callsign. No… It was a A380. He barely made the RWY. I was still there when he took off. He ran off the RWY onto the grass, then about 10 seconds of that he finally took off… Stalled then crashed. How many of you see this all the time (especially at LCY, and PSP, and SAN) and how many of you (Be Honest) do this all the time. I don’t… Happy Flying


Tijuana airport ICAO is MMTJ

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Thx. Stupid auto Correct

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Like they say
Fly Advanced

Most likely this wouldn’t appear as often on advanced :)


You can easily land and take off from MMTJ with a normal weight, even using the A380.


But it doesn’t happen.

Oh you’d be surprised! Take Aspen on a busy day. It’s full of heavies.


Im Going to do a test witha fully loaded A380 taking off from MMTJ. the vid will be posted on my youtube channel

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