Smaller A350 Cockpit

A staff member recently suggested that I create this topic. Feel free to pm me if you need details on why I’m making this now.

The request is simple: to reduce the size of the A350 cockpit. The current cockpit is significantly oversized (see below) so this would greatly improve the A350. Since it was the most highly requested aircraft in IF history, it deserves to have a properly sized cockpit. Just like the vast majority of IF aircraft.

Obviously this won’t happen for a long time. However, the purpose of this topic is to demonstrate the community support for fixing this beautiful aircraft. Thanks for your time!

the only thing I see is the windows a little small on the RL pic
i think that is the only thing, not the cockpit itself

I think the only way the staff would do this is if the A350 would be reworked, and there are a lot larger priorities for staff right now I think


That would be amazing, IF has (in my opinion) the best and more accurate models in mobile flight simulators. But in the recent models I have seen issues on planes, smaller and not important details that make the experience more realistic. For example the A350 windshield, 777 engines, 777 nose and some other things that really doesn’t matter at all.

I’m not saying I don’t appreciate their work, or they are not working good. I do appreciate their hard work on planes and I understand that it’s not easy, but it would be cool if things like that are fixed!

Unfortunately I’m out of votes right now, but I’ll vote for it in the future! 😝


It’s not really the cockpit itself, it’s the window.

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Even though I don’t mind the error I would like it to be in

If you actually looked for more of a comparison, you can see that the cockpit in IF is wider than in real life, especially shown when looking at the spacing between the two pilots in each image.


I know, but I’m saying that it should be changed to “cockpit window” and not just cockpit.

But the entire cockpit size is an issue, you just admitted that by saying

I said “I know” because I already knew there was an issue with the cockpit being too wide.

I’m sure they will fix those details ASAP! Small details matter, and I’m sure they won’t leave it like that in the future. 😝

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As a new aircraft added, it should have been right from the beginning imo, I know it is extremely hard to replicate real life models into games due to perspectives


We addressed some of this in this reply


  • inaccuracies definitely fell through the cracks of our release process at the time but some of it can be attributed to camera perspective distortion.
  • as much as we would love to, the truth is that we probably won’t fix it anytime soon unless this bothers a large number of ppl. The A350 is fairly recent and we have other aircraft and features to focus on. Updating the geometry can be a huge task since it often need redoing the texturing (and all the liveries)
  • We know it can be disappointing to have your favorite aircraft not perfectly modeled and simulated. I can assure you that it is not fun for us to spend so much time (and money) on a release and realize after the fact that we missed a few details.

That being said, a feature request in those cases is the best course of action especially when the issue is clearly and respectfully described.


It isn’t THAT different imo, they’re are just a lot more bigger priorities

This is why I’m so glad that a feature request is finally being allowed. If enough IFC members care, it can have an influence on the decision to fix it.

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^Only if we show them we still really care about the A350!

They know that, but the windshield is not that important than reworking other planes such as the 757, 767, 747, a380, a330.

Small details do matter, but, there are more important things to do.

You could make this exact argument for any other request tbh. If someone wants this they can vote, otherwise they don’t have to.

Yes, and I have never said anything about that… I said small details matter, but there are more important things to do, for example reworking other planes that truly need a rework, or fixing major bugs.