Small window for follow camera.

Note: this was originally on general and it was closed.

I can’t post in “Feature” so i’ll just post it here. Can we have one small or second camera? 1st main screen like we have now and another 2nd small view for any of the camera option( following cam for example) so we can focus on landing or taking off and also see how our landing was.

Can you provide a picture as a reference of what you’re requesting please?


That would force IF to render two views at the same time, so you would double the CPU workload.

Doubt this will ever happen.


Can you just describe it with more details I cannot make out anything unfortunately. Please explain it :)

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So if you know what picture in picture is…

It’s like that but, we have the normal IF screen whilst flying and then have a little Picture in picture from another camera angle - for example tower or wing view


Ah, that would certainly be an interesting feature to have overall!


I thought about this but forgot to request only that mine was the nose wheel for taxing…like what airbus have…anyway this sums it up all…nice request


Good idea, but as Mats said the CPU workload would increase. I’d rather to be able to focus on one screen anyway and not have a laggy flight.


Thanks for this. It came to my mind when I wanna see how i land in Live.


No problem at all @tauffx.

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Gotcha he meant that we should be able to view our landings etc from two camera angles.

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I like this feature but would kind of be useless for people who play IF with smartphones or unless there would be a zoom button.

Maybe they can add it as an option.

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You can do this in FSX, and even with every single view open on an Aerosoft A320 with dozens of different views, I recieve very little fps drop. Maybe a limit to how many views you can have open depending on your device? I really like this idea though.

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I see that some pilots are concerned about gpu overload and lagging gameplay, but I think higher end devices can handle it,
I even know how to test that,
Donwload screen recorder with face cam and when you are playing IF just record your flight with face cam on, so you could test that multiscreen cape ability and with screen recorder recording your screen, it would give more work for cpu and gpu, and then you could see if device is lagging or not, in my case its a bit of fps drop, but not so much,

Bumping this up :)

I would like this feature to be implemented to this marvelous simulator as this is a great option to watch over parts of your aircraft while staying in a specific view or even to watch your landing from the outside view on Live because you cannot replay it.
Something like this :


I would like this feature. I would recommending voting on this after Global is out because Global is the main thing the devs are focused on.

I think that another good feature would be window views. Right now, some of the outside views of some of the aircrafts are position wrong… that needs to be fixed. And just like real life flight experience, looking through the airplane windows would add even more realism as a passenger, especially for takeoffs and landings. Also, we should be able to view from any window on the (1)

There’s already a request for thus feature:


I didn’t even see that post request:| Well, it comes to show how much we need this feature