Small thing I noticed on the A320 family

When you look at the Flap track fairing, the line that’s on it goes vertically down while it’s should be horizontal, here’s what I mean.

This is what it looks like in the game

This is a picture I took on an A319
I circled the fairing to show you, the line is Horizontal not vertically on the fairing
This is small however and doesn’t need to be fixed quick, just something I wanted to point out.


This would be a nice touch for realism. Might just be a small thing FDS wasn’t really looking to add.


It isn’t true… It is should be like this, when i landed in Venice with the A320, I saw that it is moving vertically

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It may depend on the model

I don’t think so, it is same in all of A320 family

Every a320 family video I’ve seen I haven’t seen that, what airline was it?

Ok it looks like airbus may have tweeked the A320 a bit.
Perhaps the newer models are a little different compared to the old ones?
Or it’s just the type of model


Just googleing A320 wing view, half seem to have it the way IF has it and some have it the way you pointed out. It doesn’t seem like too big of a deal as the way in IF is still correct.

Thanks for the feedback. Not pressing but I’m sure it’ll get a thorough lookover if/when it’s reworked some day.