Small text and display

Now for some reason, my IF display is very small. Now I have checked through my phone settings and can’t find and root cause for this. Does anyone have the same issue and if so can you help?

And whilst I’m at it, I had quite a lot of paid aircraft and regions, though even after restoring purchases etc I am unable to retrieve my aircraft which is annoying as I had over £30 worth of in app content. Again, can anyone help?

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What device are you currently using?

It’s called the wileyfox swift 2x, an android phone running android 7.1 Nougat

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately we have not done testing with this particular device so there may be some sizing issues. I’ll pass this along to the developers and continue to track others with the same device and issue so we can better prioritize a fix. We appreciate the understanding and will have a look at the earliest convenience.


I appreciate the response. It’s not the biggest of issues but it’s just inconvenience. Thanks for the support

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