Small space issue

Hello all,
I have been having a repeated issue with Infinite Flight. I use a BLU Android phone for playing IF, and I have the latest Android OS. The issue is that IF keeps taking up too much space because it auto-downloads aircraft. I have a pro sub for IF, and I usually delete IF, then re-install. It is okay for a couple of days, but then more aircraft become downloaded even though I did not download them myself. I have re-started my device and all that stuff.
Thanks in advance,


This is actually a feature and not an issue.
The app is automatically downloading all the aircraft on your device so you will be able to see other users in the Live environment.
If it didn’t, you wouldn’t be able to see other pilots which could end up with you taxiing through them and other unfortunate situations you would want to avoid.

Oh. Thank you very much for clearing that up. I have never heard of that, but it is very clever. Thanks! This can be closed.

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