Small real airplane world question

Yesterday I was in a flight inside a 777-200 and we were heading to Honolulu and I noticed something weird… I noticed we were like 10,000 ft and I saw the spoilers and flaps come out and I was thinking “oh guess we’re really to fast” but then I’m not sure but I heard the GEAR sound (wheels) and I wasn’t really sure if it was the heat or some random sound and it’s been bothering me sense… So the question I’m trying to say is are pilots aloud to put there gear down to slow down even if there in a really high altitude

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Speedbreaks are Applied on Approach as Needed to help slow down the aircraft. Being you Were a T7 the flaps were most likely extended to 5° descending through 10K. The Gear Sound was Completly your Imagination. Gear can’t be extended above certain speeds and at 10Kft you were definantly Above that Speed.

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Hey! Real pilots can’t put their gear down to slow them down at that speed above 10k Feet! @United_IAH
As @Justin16 their primary method is the speedbrakes/spoilers!
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Could it be the flaps you are hearing? Gear sound on the 777 is almost unnoticeable on most of the aircraft. The CRJ in the other hand if you are anywhere close to the gear, (not to difficult considering how small the plane is) it’s like the floor is giving way when the gear drops.


Certainly wasn’t gear. Likely the flaps were moving into configuration.


You never use spoilers in flight, that would be freaking dangerous. You use speedbrakes ;)

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I thought pilots can do that to slow the plane down…

Air brakes differ from spoilers in that air brakes are designed to increase drag while making little change to lift, whereas spoilers reduce the lift-to-drag ratio and require a higher angle of attack to maintain lift, resulting in a higher stall speed. Speedbrakes are purely drag devices while spoilers simultaneously increase drag and reduce lift.