Small Planet A321


picture not mine credits to failed to find the photografer,d.bGs&psig=AFQjCNHgPliqx4kd72Hz9e2JWZQQqFMTiw&ust=1487745930075826


Your link directs to what I’m guessing is some sort of Swedish 401 error.

It’s nice, I like coulourful planes! :)

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Norwegian. ;) I know my languages


Thats not an a321 Its an a319

In Infinite Flight


Its definitely an a321 because Small Planet only operate a320’s and a321’s

When i look closer i saw Thats Its an a320

Omg we definitely need this I always see these in warsaw

This is really beautiful,l like the painting on the tail.

Click the link on that page and it will take you to the article.

Sorry there is only 1 photo allowed in each features topic :)
Btw how did you photoshop that?

He’s Russian, they can do anything.

They should add this livery to IF. LOL

The aircraft in the picture is an A320.

nice edit bro fits perfect in if

Cool festive livery!

The picture is an A320

Looks nice. Hope to see it soon.