Small planespotting session at EGCC

A few months back I did some planespotting at EGCC (Manchester Airport) just before my flight to EDDF! I was doing some planespotting by my gate and had a good view of RWY23R! Unfortunately I only got about 5-10 minutes in because security took a very long time. I managed to get some departing aircrafts though.

Easyjet a320 taking off on RWY23R.

British Airways a320 bound for EGLL. (BAW1391)

Qatar Airways a350-900 (QR22) on its way to OTHH!

Sadly those are the only shots I took. I had very little time to do planespotting and it wasn’t rush hour at the time my flight was so I could have had a lot more shots took. But I still decided to share it since It was my first time planespotting for a long time!


You might catch the EY 787-10 later this year! My flight to AUH in August is scheduled to be a 781.

I’m also going to AUH early next year so hopefully I get to get on -10 version for the first time!

You have the A350 and it’s not small, I liked the photo by the way.

I think easyjet is taking off, no taxiing😅

Oh woops lol. I have that same one taxiing and I must of thought it was that one. I’ve changed it now!

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