Small plane speed problem

I’m having trouble keeping airspeed with the Cessna 172-208 and Cirrus sr22 gts. As soon as I takeoff I stall and crash. (My airspeed at the time was 85knts no flaps or trim) If your having the same problem or can help just comment and we’ll do our best:)

I’m trying to fly with my friend he seems to be fine but I was stalling shortly after takeoff there was no wind ether

Sounds like you are pulling back to early or to steep. In the 172 you should only need 60 kts to be able to lift off. Of course this depends on the wind and load.


85 knots, I was empty there was no wind I was about 500 ft per minute and losing speed. I took a full runway to take off just to get airborne. As soon as I lifed off I lost 40 to 50 knots is 20 seconds.

I cant keep it on the ground at 85 knots, Even if I try to keep it planted it lifts off at 75 kts at normal weight. You must be climbing to steep, AOA. Keep an eye out on this post aswell ( Issue while flying - Plane tilted up ) something might comeup in it that helps you


Ok thanks My friend saw me failing hard so he know I wasnt pulling up to steep I was at a 10 degree angle

I’m having a different problem with the 172. I can’t pull the nose up enough on landing to land on the mains. It tends to hit nose wheel first and then starts bouncing. I have flown a real 172 and this does not accurately replicate landing. Does anyone know how I can get more up elevator or adjust my settings? I should be able to pull the nose up even at idle until it stalls.

Infinite flight needs to completely redesign the 172 weight and balance.

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Lets try a 172 flight again in some less mountainous areas?

Ya we will

I just tried it and it seems your problem is that you are trying to climb at 85 knots with no flaps and no trim.
I needed 10° flaps, and 92kts just to get off the ground. Could have used a few more kts and trim for a smoother take off.

I was using the Cessna 172 and cirrus

Like Devon said above, it is hard to keep this one down, she just wants to fly :)
Not sure what is causing your problems.

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Have you touched the trim at all?

No, nothing

Sounds like you might need to trim the nose up

No idea then.Try with normal weight.Its not normal to take off with 0 weight ;)

It might’ve just been me but thanks for all the help

Trim will not bring the nose up. I am running out of elevator. That is usually caused by a plane being nose heavy or not enough elevator throw. I need to be able to pull the nose up with power off to settle on the runway. It is stalling with no stall warning and hitting the runway nose down.

How wouldnt trim bring the nose up? Works for me