Small Photo Compilation

Hello everyone!

Here is a small photo compilation that I made. Some of the photos are from today’s flight where the hub was BIKF. A lot of traffic today. What a fun flight! Hope you enjoy the photos!

Coming in for a landing in the Boeing 717-200 in Delta Airlines

Super long line at BIKF today

Coming in for a landing at OEJN with the A350 for Qatar Airways

Leaving OTHH after a nice takeoff

Lots of planes at the gates at BIKF


Lol, I was about to tell you that this shouldn’t be in the screenshots and videos section because it looked so real! Bravo my friend and Great pics


Thank you! The sunset really made those clouds look awesome!

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excuse me but WHY is there a delta 717 flying into iceland!? (its a great screenshot tho)

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also nice shots. I love evening flying

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Thanks! I love evening flying as well!

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About that…I had the idea of making this photo compilation when I did the flight, and I really wanted to have one of the jets be one with the engines at the back 🙄 (Hopefully this is okay)

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