Small or Large Aircraft? [Poll]

Which do you like to fly in IF?

  • Small (e.g. Boeing 737/Airbus A320)
  • Large (e.g. Boeing 747/Airbus A380)

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Both. But I’ll go with small since I’m learning the ropes on the A320 now and am thus flying it nearly every flight.

I love the A320 ever since i downloaded it yesterday. Great handling and systems!

Need an option for both! I fly about equal amount of time on the Heavies (B777 usually) as well as now on the A320…

Any poll that has A320 in it will have obvious outcomes.

Both. I fly equally Wide-Bodies and also Narrow-Bodies. But currently, I’m flying the A320.

I like both cause each category has its own differences but the A320 is amazing!

i prefer smaller because you don’t really fly an A380 from KSAN to KLAX

I enjoy flying both, but my favourite aircraft on IF is the A319, so I choose small.

@joewardofficial. MaxSez: Missed this Topic when first listed. You missed a class of aircraft and your terms Small & Large are not descriptively correct Joe so your Poll is flawed. Next time use “Light, Heavy & Super”. (Google is your friend)