Small narration of KEWR airport

Airline: CCA
Departure: KLAX
Arrival: KEWR
Server: Expert
The flight lasted for five hours. Thanks to the support of all air traffic controllers, the 22RILS blind landing system of KEWR airport runway was intercepted according to the instructions of the approach controller. When the plane was about 4 nautical miles away from the runway, the tower controller asked me to land 22L. Did you not coordinate well or what happened? Why did you suddenly change to the runway? I didn’t find any conflict on the runway at that time! I am very depressed about this! I had to disconnect and continue to land by myself!


Sir, excuse me sir, but I think you are a little too low there


Nice shots, but you are indeed a little bit too low on your approach.

Ipad sensitivity is not adjusted properly.

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That’s natural and isn’t that uncommon; a few months ago I had to swap over to the parallel at SFO for departing traffic. 4 NM isn’t that bad, either, given you’re at an altitude of about 1200 feet. Sorry to hear you were frustrated but in the end the IFATC made what they believed was the correct decision. (If you want to discuss it with the controller shoot em a PM)

Anyway, nice shots! I love the Air China livery!

Unfortunately, there is no 777-300ER painting by China Southern Airlines.🥲🥲🥲

It is beautiful… you can vote for the #features topic or create one yourself if there isnt one!


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Ok, thank you for your advice.🥳

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sorry to see that… actually the radar controlled hadn’t checked the latest ATIS that only allowed landings over 22L. So… before i could make him aware … i directed you to land at 22L as the deps on 22R were continuously increasing … but yeah the call given to was a bit late… I can understand that after 5 hours flight one expects a nice and smooth ATC process… i’m sorry for such an experience … hope you enjoy ur future flights…

It’s okay, I can understand your work, because your dedication makes this game more colorful.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

That is a great way to snitch on yourself. You even provided photo evidence and all.


Didn’t you see the point I made? I disconnected myself and landed. I didn’t disobey the controller.

Yes, I am well aware and considering you didn’t get reported it’s clear to say the tactic does work. However, this is more or less akin to publicly bragging about how you bypassed a long left-turn only lane at a traffic light by rolling up to the intersection in the middle lane and then turning left from there, cutting off whoever was unlucky enough to be at the head of the left-turn only lane at the time. It works, but it’s not something that’s looked well upon by others.


Sorry, I’m not bragging. I hope you’re not so narrow-minded. It’s just a game. I don’t need to brag.

I’m tired of flying for so long, and the game itself is a mobile device. It’s not very convenient to operate. If it’s not operated well and it’s a go-around at that time, the traffic is heavy. I just don’t think it’s necessary to waste too much time to disconnect, and it’s not a bad choice. Besides, I haven’t disturbed anyone.